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Belly Slimming Tea – One Probable Cause Of Belly Fat And Solutions!
Belly Slimming Tea such as Wu long Tea, has gained popularity owing to the rapid growth-rate of obesity and Belly Fat in America in the past 20 years. Slimming tea can change all that; since it’s easy to in-cooperate in our daily meals. According to the National Center for Health statistics (who has been tracking obesity problems for over four  decades)….

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  • Between 1962  and the year 2000, the number of obese  Americans grew from 13% to 31% of the population.
  • 62% of Americans are overweight with a Body Mass Index (BMI) in the excess of 25.0 and 31% are obese with a BMI in excess of 30.0.
  • Childhood obesity in the United States has more than tripled in the past two decades.
  • According to the U.S. Surgeon General report, obesity is responsible for 300,000 deaths every year.  …………

Oolong Tea | Oolong Tea BrewIn view of the awareness, Slimming Tea like Wu-yi tea, Wu long Tea, green tea ( natural fat burners), acai berry and colon cleansing  products are must sought after by weight watchers. However, choosing the right belly slimming tea that is all natural and pure without laxatives has not be easy.


One Probable Cause of Excessive Belly Fat: Normally,the digested food is deposited from stomach into the small intestine for last stage of digestion process that last for several hours. The undigested waste is transported into the last section of the colon where it is eliminated.

For most adolescent, they have no problem eliminating the waste from the colon.This is because they have little amount of waste sticking along the lining of the colon walls. In effect, it is during your post-adolescent years that inner lining of the colon walls gradually become narrower and narrower. This will in turn cause food to rot in the digestive tract and the final process of digestion will not be completed. The rotten  food particles causes Candida, albicans, bacteria and toxins to take residence. Good news is; Belly Slimming Tea like WuLong Tea aid digestion and increase metabolic rate.

Slimming Teas can help terminate undigested food in the colon known as one of the causes of colon cancer. We can easily recall that John Wayne, the famous western actor died of complications from colon cancer. It is said that he had over 40 pounds of undigested food in his colon.

Oolong Slim Tea Capsules | Wu-Long Tea Slimming CapsulesMucoid plaque consist of the layers of mucous and rotten food which compact themselves year after year along the entire length of the digestive tract  (Richard Anderson MD in his book, cleanse and purify). As a natural response to the undigested food, this plaque continues to produce mucous. This natural defense mechanism causes the colon to grow in diameter and create appearance of belly fat.

 Getting Rid of Belly Fat: One easy and cheap way to eliminate stomach fat is by use of belly slimming tea like Oolong tea which have exclusive brands known as Wu Yi tea and Wu long Tea Of course, the first step is to rid your tummy of the sludge using a colon cleanser. Note, a good and effective cleanser don’t get you going to bathroom; but only helps in regular bowel movement while it cleanses your colon. Plus you must use it together with health probiotics.

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Oolong Tea: This Best Slimming Tea is most often referred to as Wu Yi tea or Wu Long. The most popular of this semi-oxidized tea – Oolong, are Wu-Yi tea and Wu long tea which is harvested from the Wuyi  Shan Mt. in the Fujian province of China. Lately, it has gained much attention in America as a natural way to effectively lose weight. Asians have been drinking this Chinese slimming tea for over 400 years due to it’s natural slimming effect and numerous health benefits. In view of its natural qualities of fat burning, people trying to lose weight are flocking to Wu-Yi tea.

Natural Fat Burning Component of Wu Yi Tea: Wu-Yi  Tea has a high natural concentration of polymerized polyphenols in contrast to low concentrations in green  teas. These polyphenol compounds has been clinically proven to activate the enzymes that cause triglycerides to dissolve fat (Process known as lipolysis), producing fat-burning effects. This in turn raises the resting metabolic rate; actually making it easier to lose weight and control excess pound.  Authentic Wu Yi tea should not contain additives or preservatives. In its natural and organic form, it is most effective in burning fat.

Other Health Benefits Of Oolong Tea: Wu-Long Or WuYi Tea of Oolong tea type, apart from being one of the proven natural fat burners that speed-up metabolism and help with weight loss; it has many other health benefits. Clinical studies has shown that it may protect against the risk of heart attack, certain types of cancer, strengthens bones, protect the skin from aging and the tooth from plaque and decay.

Steps To Quick Weight Loss: For faster belly fat burn, belly slimming tea  like this Extra Strength Weight Loss Wulong Tea I’m recommending  will help yank-off the fat. In order to achieve your desired weight loss and a flat stomach it is advised you eat more fruits, vegetables, drink up to 8 ( 8oz cups) of water daily plus some  Abdominal Exercise and cardio (for 30 mins everyday). Also eating late at night should be avoided at all cost (eat at least 3 hrs before bedtime).

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5 Belly Slimming Foods Helpful To Lose Belly Fat.
1.  Eggs – Start the day by taking 2 -3 hard boiled eggs at breakfast. Research has shown that taking eggs for breakfast will decrease your cravings for the rest of the day.
2.  Cutting Down fat By Eating Low Fat Dairy Products. Research results suggest that low-fat dairy products when taken properly tend to trigger the burning of the body fat.
3.  High fiber foods were also found to help lose belly fat or decrease unwanted belly fat. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who ate whole-grain foods like whole grains, lentils, beans, vegetables and whole grain bread had low levels of insulin in their body. They equally help in your overall digestive system and bowl movement.
4.  To Lose belly Fat, do not forget to eat fish. Fish is most filling protein than beef and easy to digest.
5.  Another Belly Slimming Tip is eating raw nuts like Walnuts, Almonds and Peanut: They are perfect nuts for belly slimming and to lose weight.

In conclusion, it is recommended that you speak to your physician before you try any belly slimming tea, weight loss program or Belly Slimming to naturally, safely and effectively melt off stubborn belly fat.

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